Information for prospective authors

At Brazen Head Publishing we work hard to support our authors as effectively and efficiently as possible and are committed to establishing the best possible relationship with you. As a small independent publishing business we are not restricted by the bureaucracy and corporate branding of the large international companies that dominate the publishing world. We therefore can offer a friendly, creative, flexible and responsive relationship with our authors.

We are a UK-based publishing company committed to publishing and translating the highest quality academic books including professional trade books, academic monographs and multi-volume reference sets. This includes authored books as well as edited collections.

Our primary market is graduate and postgraduate students and upper level undergraduate students, as well as professionals and practitioners. However, we also publish less specialist books that cater to a broader audience.

We are currently only accepting book proposals from the fields of the life sciences and the medical sciences. It is highly unlikely we will accept proposals from other academic areas at the current time.

We do not publish any fiction or poetry.