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What's in your Surname

By William H. Lewis

Looking into our surnames is a fascinating way to discover something of our country’s history and gives us an intriguing glimpse into the working of our ancestors’ minds.
This book tells the story of our surnames and reveals that their meanings are the key features to understanding their origins: is your surname from an ancestor’s occupation, a relationship, or perhaps from his nickname . . . more>

ISBN 978-0-9565106-0-0 • 186 pages • Hardcover • £19.99

The Wrong Address?

By Donald Barclay

Since Roman times, the Scots, and Scotland in general, have attracted more than their fair share of ignominy. Although it would appear this book title casts yet another aspersion on the Scottish peoples it is in fact an account of the evolution of scientific and technological scholarship in Scotland, from the earliest of days to the present. It is said that the past explains the present. This is so true for Scotland: her natural environment: her geology, geography, and climate, had profound and generally negative consequences on her ability to participate in the evolution of technology within its borders.

ISBN 978-0-9565106-2-4 • 196 pages • Hardcover • £24.99
Expected release date December 2010.