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There are a number of reasons to start a new journal. Some researchers may wish to provide a home for a new developing field of research whilst others may wish to transcend subject boundaries. For societies, there can be no better way to fulfil their goal of furthering knowledge in their fields than by making research available to a global audience.

Brazen Head Publishing is dedicated to promoting scientific research through innovative journal publishing practices. We appreciate the rapidly evolving global online research environment and the need for researchers to access content quickly, easily and with minimum cost. We work with librarians and researchers to ensure our journal content is as visible as possible via traditional library subscriptions as well as the growing array of digital products and portals now available from every researcher’s desktop.

International exposure of Brazen Head Publishing journals is designed to enhance the reputation of those researchers who publish in a journal, as well as the academic society behind the journal. Brazen Head Publishing offers rapid, industry-standard, commercial online hosting. All Brazen Head Publishing online journals feature:

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